Product & catalog building
Keep your products organized through your catalog.
Unlimited products & categories
Add unlimited number of products and categorize by type, season, promotions, …
Item variants
Add multiple variations to products : sizes, colors, materials, …
Item modifiers
Modify orders easily. Choose add-ons in one click.
Item units
Define relevant units for your products : kg, liters, units, …
Search or add products using only the barcode reader.
Add taxes that can be applied whithin the sales process.
Inventory Management
Manage inventory easily and effectively, and never run out of stock !
Inventory counts
Count your products and variants to keep the stock up to date.
Inventory history
Gain insights of your inventory and track the stock movements.
Stock adjustments
Increase and decrease stock levels for received items, damages, losses, …
Inventory valuation report
Get a detailed view on your inventory value with products available in stock.
Low-stock alerts
Get notification of low-stock any time items fall below your specified stock level.
Suppliers profile
Add your suppliers profiles and keep all their information at your fingertips.
24/7 support services to ensure ours client’s the best business productivity.
Help center
Check out our help center and find answers to all your questions.
Get a real-time assitance with our suppport agents  24/7.
Live chat support
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Deep dive into our features and explore our platform.
A unique platform with all the Point Of Sale (POS) features you need to manage and develop your business.
Receive orders and checkout in multiple different ways easily !
Sell from smartphone or tablet
Make sales wherever you are using only your smarphone or tablet.
Ability to Work Offline
No internet ? No problem ! The offline mode works on all Android mobiles & tablets.
Realtime synchronization
Ensure accurate and secure data on your different endpoints.
Exchanges and returns
Accept exchanges and returns and keep your data updated hassle-free.
Save and retrieve cart
Save and retrieve carts effortlssly and keep your  checkout process moving fast.
Camera barcode scanner
Scan your product’s barcode using only your smartphone.
Printed electronics receipts
Customize your electronic receipts with valuable information.
Digital storefront
Publish catalog online
Set up your eCommerce platform easily and start selling in minutes.
Order via Whatsapp
Let your customers know that they can make orders simply via Whatsapp.
Order via Instagram
Instagram is also an option for those who prefer working with this platform.
Order via Facebook
Receive your orders via Facebook and make sales easily.
Payment modes
Multiple payment modes
Let customers pay their way and accept several payment modes : cash, credit card, checks, …
Store credit
Allow your customers to pay for purchases using restored amounts.
Sell on credit
Allow your credit-worthy customers to defer payment for their purchase.
Choose to add discount by amount or by percentage.
Accept exchanges and returns and keep your data updated hassle-free.
Custom tender
Input manually additional amounts and information as needed.
Split payment
Accept several payment modes in a single transaction.
Partial payments
Make partial payment and receive a portion of the due amount.
Cashflow payment
Reconcile quickly and accurately your payments and your cash drawer.
Customer Relationship Management
Get complete and detailed information about all your customers.
Customer profiles
Create customers profile and keep their information accessible anytime you need.
Purchase history
Keep a clear record on your customers purchases and know their preferences.
Customer credit
Record your customers' debts and payments.
Reporting & Analytics
Track performance and get meaningful insight about different aspects of your business.
Sales reports
Track your sales performance and measure progress.
Inventory reports
Keep a clear record on your customers purchases and know their preferences.
Customer and Supplier credit reports
Generate reports of your extended credits and  speed-up collection
PDF Extracts
Choose your time frame and download all your reports in PDF format.
Staff Management
Manage your staff, control permissions and assign roles.
Unlimited staff
Add as many employees as you want and keep a clear record of their work.
Access Roles & Permissions
Manage your staff and define roles and permissions easily.
Staff PINs
Allow your staff to log in using PIN codes you defined and track their progress.
Payroll management
Keep a clear record of salaries, advance payments, any allowances or deductions.
Attendance management
Monitor your staff and track their presences and absences instantly.
Manage your activity for multiple businesses or locations through Mahaal Platform.
Multi-location inventory
Manage inventory of all your differents sales channels : Online or Offline.
Central users management
Get a centralized system to manage roles and  permissions for all users.
Central Catalog management
Ensure that all your  product catalogs are  structured and up-to-date.
Use more than one device to access Mahaal’s platform.
Get the best POS hardware essentials, simple and easy to setup.
POS Hardware bundles
Get your cashier, barcode scanner, printer, QR menu, and much more.
Hardware warranty
Warranties allows you to
benefit from the repair or the  
replacement of devices.
Compatible hardware access
Purchase your preferred accessories and connect them to Mahaal App.