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Flawless Inventory Management
Whether you are selling in retail stores or online, Mahaal allows you to easily manage your inventory, all-in-one place !
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Inventory Management
Smart inventory management, easy-to-use and simple to setup.
Inventory counts
Count your products and variants to keep the stock up to date.
Inventory history
Gain insights of your inventory and track the stock movements.
Stock adjustments
Increase and decrease stock levels for received items, damages, losses, …
Inventory valuation report
Get a detailed view on your inventory value with products available in stock.
Low-stock alerts
Get notification of low-stock any time items fall below your specified stock level.
Suppliers profile
Add your suppliers profiles and keep all their information at your fingertips.
Accurate and easy-to-use inventory.
Manage inventory effectively, and never run out of stock !
Setup your inventory easily and stress-free.
Keep your inventory accurate and organized and save time and effort, with an easy inventory management system.
Track your stock movements instantly.
Keep an eye on your inventory movements and get timely information on quantities, values and margins. Receive alerts on low stock levels.
Get inventory insights in real-time
Get detailed reports at your fingertips about your inventory and your sales performance. Check the history of inventory adjustments.